Friday, June 25, 2010

The Campaign Trail

I just wanted to add a few pictures of our little adventure in this campaign season! My sister, Angela, me and all of our boys went out to door to door across the state Wyoming! We ended up in Sheridan, Buffalo, Moorcroft, Newcastle, and Gillette. It was a great week and the boys were SOOOOO good. They love knocking on doors and handing people a brochure about their grandpa! Come July 3rd I am going to be in Wyoming up until election day. I cannot believe we are this close! RON MICHELI FOR GOVERNOR YAY!!!!


Missy said...

You're awesome! That's cute the boys are excited about helping grandpa. I wish I was a Wyoming resident so I could send a vote his way!

Kyle and Janel said...

Haley you are sooo cute!! I want to register in Wyoming just to vote for your dad. You are so awesome. I miss you tons girl! Are you running in any races this summer?? I know you are busy!