Saturday, February 6, 2010

One Day at a Time

I first probably need to apologize because my life has now become somewhat crazy! I am a full time mom, but as of last week my dad, Ron Micheli, officially announced his candidacy for governor of the state of Wyoming. So what does this mean for me? I now have another full time job! I am so excited to be able to work on my dad's campaign. I will be moving forward with the volunteer effort on the campaign. This is really exciting to me because it is the volunteers that will win the election for my dad. I have already been working with so many wonderful people who are willing to help, and I am so thrilled that I will have the opportunity to meet so many more great people. It has already been a lot of work and I know there is so much more work ahead of us! So I am sorry that many of my blogs may be about what is going on with the campaign. I am sorry that many of you will get bugged by me with emails, facebook and blogs! But hey this is what I am doing with my life right now! It is what takes up most of my days and what I fall asleep thinking about. My dad always says, "This decision, was a family decision, so I don't say I am running for governor... I say WE are running for governor!" So with that I am committed, and we are running for governor. So please look at our website and spread the great word RON MICHELI FOR GOVERNOR 2010!!!

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The Evers Family said...

I don't think you should ever apologize about what your blog is about. It's about your life and what's going on about it. All I talk about is potty training. I think talking politics sounds much better.